Edmonton Expo!

Yes my Droogies! I am going to Edmonton. It’s not that bad as I don’t follow hockey and or football so I have no problem with Edmonton at all.

As usual I will be in Artist’s Alley with the usual gang (Mike RiegerLisa Redfern, Michael McAdam, & Shonna White)

Barring printing problems, issue 2 of GVK will be premiering at the show and for those interested I will have several decks of the Sideshow Tarot available.


So since the reboot of this site, I have updated it NOT AT ALL! Let me tell you why.
See that section up top there called GVK? Ya, that one that don’t got nuthin in it. Well I’ve been working on that. Let me give you the run down on what will be there.

GVK stands for Great Vampire Killer and is a Print/web comic that will soon be coming to a computer near you.

This story is 6 chapters long ( a chapter being one print issue long). The web comic will be updated once or twice a week but if you can’t wait you can go and buy each chapter/book online in print or digital download. As soon as each chapter is finished online the next will be available for purchase. Make sense?



So recently my very good friend Michael, (who lets me mooch off his hosting in exchange for “Favours” of the art variety) decided to move hosts. Me being the dumb ass that I am, never bothered backing up my site (or my actual computer for the matter).

I thought briefly about tracking down my old posts and files, I asked my other good friend Mike (who is my tech (i just fucked something up, help me) support) for help and was informed that it might not be possible. I accepted this and not wanting to make him do a bunch of pointless work on behalf of my own stupidity (again) I am choosing fresh start.

So welcome to the new Kyohazard.