Goldilocks effect

Recently I was hired to draw a New Yorker style comic of Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

It made it to print in Politico

Original article is here

My Trek

My Trek through the Final Frontier

I’m not usually a blogger/ranter but because we are in the midst of this trek renaissance and listening/reading about so many “Fans” bitching about the new shows not being “real” Trek I really wanted to put this out there. I support discourse, discussion and even impassioned arguments, I’ve had plenty of rip roaring discussions about the show, but this straight up vile hatred is getting to me. I hate pickles with every fibre of my being but I don’t go into pickle lovers Facebook groups and rant, rave, call them names and threaten Vlasic employees for ruining cucumbers.  

I was born in 73, I missed watching TOS when it originally aired but in around 79 when i was around 6 my “cool” uncle who was about 14-15 was into this Star Trek show. I had to be cool too so I watched Star Trek. Well I got hooked.

My teen years revolved around Star Trek. The books, the comics, The movies whenever they aired, and of course the reruns. I remember watching TOS every night on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) at midnight on my 13” black and white TV in my room before bed. I ran around my neighborhood exploring strange new worlds. I had a flip opening lint brush which was my communicator. I poured over Allan Asherman’s Star Trek Compendium and my Starfleet Technical Manuel. 

When I hit junior high there was a science teacher (who’s name has sadly been lost into the deep recesses of my brain) who had started a “Star Trek” fan club. Everyday at lunch a small group of social outcasts ate lunch in a classroom and watched VHS tapes of TOS. Around that time I got into gaming. I started playing the Fasa game and Starfleet battles. Next Generation was a brand new show. Side bar, I’ll admit that when I first heard about TNG I was sceptical, how can you have Star Trek without Kirk, Spock and Bones? It didn’t take me long to be hooked there too. 

By the time I hit high school my love of this show legitimately changed my life, I joined the USS Astra. A local Star Trek fan club. To this day, almost every single friend I have was somebody I met in that group or I met through people in that group.  They were responsible for my very first “Published” artwork in their fanzines. 

I’ve watched and rewatched every single series, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, I saw every TNG movie opening night. While the franchise has had its ups and downs, as have I. Then there was the dark times after Enterprise. No more Star Trek.


For years. Then in 2009 we got a reboot. I eagerly saw it in theatres and was quite pleased. A brilliant reinterpretation that did the one thing I wasn’t expecting. They made a reboot justified in continuity. We got more movies and that took us into the “modern era” Now we have a plethora of Trek again. I was once again hesitant with the fairly massive visual departure from the “canonical” past but as every time before, with quality stories and characters, it revealed itself to me as STAR TREK! Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks are all brilliant and they are all Trek.



Kyle “Kyohazard” Burles



Puttin’ em out to pasture

So start of the con year means it’s time to retire some prints. I was pretty prolific last year with prints so it’s a hearty amount so i’ll be putting them up in batchs.

I still have some copies of these prints and will be available while supplies last on the website. I will bring personal orders to shows but just gotta streamline what i drag to shows.

I always reserve the right to bring any out of retirement based on requests (and con guests)

Road to Fury
Billy the Gremlin Exterminator

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

So like every year previously it’s been available. I am exhibiting at the Calgary Expo Artist Alley. Nice bonus this year is that if you, the viewer at home, buys their tickets through my person link below, i can save a small amount of money towards next years table. So click away ifin you ain’t bought of your tickets yet.

T: The Final Battle

I’ve never been a particularly political guy. But the other day I was watching the original V miniseries and noticing the eerie similarities to the current US political climate. So I drew this up.

It was based/inspired by the propaganda poster (below) the visitors used in the show. I sadly have been unable to discover who did the original poster but my current belief is was Tom Southwell who was the Production Illustrator on the series.

Visitor Propaganda Poster - V: The Original Miniseries (1983)


heART attack!

So last friday I was rushed to the hospital with an apparent heart attack. After lots of tests it was determined it wasn’t a “Heart Attack” in the traditional sense. I was diagnosed with a coronary artery spasm. Which as I (an illustrator) understand it, was like a minor heart attack without the plaque build up in the arteries. So a good news style heart attack I guess.

Either way I am off work and not drawing for about a week. That’s hitting me in the financial department fairly significantly. So I am going to use my heart problem to selfishly not lose my ability to pay my bills by having a sale on prints.

Until the end of march all prints are 50% off. AND STILL FREE SHIPPING!!!!!

Kickstarter 2.0: Return to Gloaming

So last October, writer Michael (TwoGargs) McAdam and I tried to get a kickstarter going for issue 3 of our horror comic Gloaming. We came very close but sadly didn’t quite make it. We are trying again. We’ve changed up some of our rewards and also didn’t time it at christmas time when everybody is much poor. So here we go again.