About Kyle Burles

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Name: Kyle Noel Burles
I’m a professional illustrator from / in Calgary Alberta Canada.
I’ve spent 30 years working in 2 careers, Barbering and Illustration. Several years ago I made the move to making illustration my primary job.

My skills in illustration are varied. both traditional and digital. I have worked with a largely varied client base, from advertising agencies to comic books. Two of my illustrations have recently been published in the New York Times and Politico.

The energy transition
New York Times

Some of my comic work can be seen published at Two Gargs Publishing


I am always looking to learn new skills to add to my ever-growing list. I’ve recently begun learning 3-d modelling and even learning to speak German.

non-work related: I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, I have a likely unhealthy addiction to caffeine and low budget crime movies of the seventies. I am a proud furbaby parent of a spoiled chihuahua named Missy Booboo.