Drawlloween vs. INKtober

Holy Shit! 2 updates in a single day? Quickly look outside to see if there’s 4 guys on horseback in the sky…

No? Weird!

Anyways I’ve decided to attempt one of the standard drawing challenges for October. Well I’ve decided to attempt to do two of them but since neither of them are contrary to each other it should work out. Let me explain.

First off is Drawlloween,
A different theme every day. There’s conflicting Drawlloween’s but I’m going with the more loose based themed version above.

Secondly is INKtober
reate an Ink drawing every day of October.

So with our powers combined. I’ll attempt each theme in an inked drawing. Am I the first person to do both? I highly HIGHLY doubt it. But it’s a personal challenge so there.

Stay tuned to this station for further developments.

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