Adventures in Rookerland

Well look at this, A new freaking update less than 2 weeks apart! That’s like some sorta record. Well certainly for me.

Last week was the Edmonton Expo and in honour of Michael Rooker’s appearance I drew this

Yondu: Portrait of a Ravager by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Two of my favorite Rooker roles combined (or mashed up to use the current lingo of today’s youth). I sent the drawing to Rooker’s official twitter and he posted it. Pretty awesome, right? Well it get’s better. The next day James Gunn posted it! Well I kinda lost my shit a little bit. It get’s better! because of that post posted that James Gunn wanted to start a Yondu spin off. MY ARTWORK STARTED AN INTERNET RUMOUR!!!!

The final piece to the adventure was meeting the man himself! Freakin’ Awesome guy! rooker

Apart from that, The con was a super success for me! Biggest sales ever. Thanks Edmonton!  The stupid shit show that is Edmonton street design aside. I always enjoy the hell out of the show and the attendee’s.

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