heART attack!

So last friday I was rushed to the hospital with an apparent heart attack. After lots of tests it was determined it wasn’t a “Heart Attack” in the traditional sense. I was diagnosed with a coronary artery spasm. Which as I (an illustrator) understand it, was like a minor heart attack without the plaque build up in the arteries. So a good news style heart attack I guess.

Either way I am off work and not drawing for about a week. That’s hitting me in the financial department fairly significantly. So I am going to use my heart problem to selfishly not lose my ability to pay my bills by having a sale on prints.

Until the end of march all prints are 50% off. AND STILL FREE SHIPPING!!!!!

Kickstarter 2.0: Return to Gloaming

So last October, writer Michael (TwoGargs) McAdam and I tried to get a kickstarter going for issue 3 of our horror comic Gloaming. We came very close but sadly didn’t quite make it. We are trying again. We’ve changed up some of our rewards and also didn’t time it at christmas time when everybody is much poor. So here we go again.