I have no memory of this place!

Oh right! I have a website I forget about for long periods of time and update even less.

So let me tell you what I’ve been up to in the last yearish since I LAST updated. In theory I’ll attempt to update this thing more.

First off let’s talk drawings, my newest project is my Devotionerd Candles. A geeky play on devotional candles but instead of Saints and Jesus, it’s pop culture characters. Sure it’s it’s been done before but never with MY artwork. The first set were classic horror movie slashers.

Saintly Slashers Candles by Kyohazard on DeviantArt
I debuted these at the Calgary Horror Con to much success, sold them out in under 2 hours.

Well last week I joined Michael McAdam and attended the Red & White Comic and Toy Expo. It was a great little single day show. I decided that a second series of Candles were needed so I made Doctor Who Candles.

Patron Doctors set by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Well in 2 weeks I will be in Edmonton for the Edmonton Expo. Do you wanna know where I am?
get it? D12! Well I thought it was funny.

3 weeks later I’m going to head more southerly to be showing at the Lethbridge Expo. Will I have more candles for that show? We’ll see.