Edmonton Expo 2014: It’s a Mads Mads Mads World!

As promised to no one. I’m updating.

This past weekend I once again had a table at the Edmonton Expo. It was a fantastic show this year. Last year I had one of my worst shows ever and almost didn’t return this year. So glad I did.

As always I was with the Usual Suspects
Mike Rieger,Michael Mcadam, Jeremy Thew, and Shonna White



The friday it open I set up and was ready to rock. Outside of a faulty banner stand that was MacGyvered together with duct tape and cardboard splints everything went smooth. IMG_2861

While there was a plethora of media guests at the show, I’ve become a bit cynical about celebrities. They’re just working folks and I don’t have much of an urge to meet them. Of course there’s exceptions. Mads (Hannibal Lecter) Mikkelson was a guest and I really wanted to meet him. A few months back and completely unrelated to his Expo appearance I drew this. In fact it made it’s first appearance back at the Calgary Horror Con.

Well never one to not take advantage of an opportunity I made sure I had plenty of prints of this pic for the show. Right early on I sold a few prints and about an hour or two into the show my friend Tony who works for the expo sent me this picIMG_2863
Somebody took my print to him and he seemed to like it. I got a little excited. Then I found out that this pic was all over the Expo’s social media. People started coming to my table to get the print because they saw the pic. Well a few hours later Mads Mikkelson himself CAME TO MY TABLE. He shook my hand and told me how he really liked the print. Unfortunately none of my friends got a pic of this. 🙁

By late Saturday I had sold ALL of my Hannibal Prints… save 2. I went off with these remaining to Mads table. I got one signed for me and gave him the other. Also was able to get my pic with Mads. I way prefer selfie style pics over the photo ops that they do at cons.

IMG_2874 IMG_2873


On top of the Hannibal adventures, This con marked another first for me, My friend Kristy Bacon ask me to draw a heart that had been stitched up for a tattoo. Well the Expo brought in some tattoo artists and Kristy’s arm is now emblazoned with my art.   heartbwIMG_2867

All in all it was a super good time. and for the first time in the last year, I got through an entire convention without being sick!!! Huzzah!