Calgary Horror Con and inspiration!




I love this con. I’m excited to be apart of it.

As posted earlier I did some portraits of some of the guests at the show. It’s been a long time since I’ve done portraits but it came back pretty easily. calgaryhorror_by_kyohazard-d6emhn1

Well early on a nice lady bought a print of Patricia Tallman. She took it to Miss (mrs?) Tallman and she really liked it and asked if I would trade a print for a autograph. Hells ya! I took her a copy of her individual pic and a copy of the group print I did.


She super loved them, I joked (only mostly) that it was just a clever ploy to get me close to her lawyers. She’s super nice and mega awesome.

IMG_1821Fan point!

She said she was gonna get the other guests to sign her print. At this point I’m feeling pretty freakin cool. I went back to my table and about half n hour passes and Tom Savini comes to MY TABLE looking for his print. I fought the urge to not totally fanboy freak out. IMG_1827Less fan point, more stoic guy

this is how I felt.

Over the past few years I’ve found the urge to meet the celebs has mostly passed, years of going to San Diego and meeting my big 3 inspirations in life (Clive Barker, George Romero and Bernie Wrightson) pretty much capped it for me. Or so I thought. I admit here that Tom Savini is safely ensconced in at number 4. I had planned on going to meet him when I had the chance. The fact that he came to me…


I doubt that day 2, (which is about to start in about 10 minutes of this writing) is gonna live up to yesterday but we’ll see. I’m still jazzed and excited.