Take a look at the law man!

So for those who read/saw the last post with Gene Hunt, Here is the latest incarnation of it. I’m fairly sure it’s not finished but its as finished as it’s probably gonna get. I drew Sam Tyler earlier but wasn’t happy with it. I spent a majority of today editing it and redrawing the face a few times, I’m slightly happier with it. at least enough to post it and await the harsh criticism of the faceless internet. I’ll probably even print up a few copies for cons, just a few though as I know there ain’t near enough of a fan base for the show to warrant it but I might meet one or two.

Life on Mars: Season 2 by ~Kyohazard on deviantART

Page Updates

Look up! way up! Nope, to far, bit lower. See those links at the top of this site. Biography, GVK, Sideshow Tarot, and T-Shirts have all been updated. You can now spend your hard earned polly on some lovely items.

Now a bit o’ bad news, although the Sideshow Tarot page has been updated, I have to admit that those are not available yet. waiting on the printers for those but the some awesome T-shirts and issue 1 of my comic GVK are available to buy RIGHT NOW! Go on! check it!

Edmonton Expo!

Yes my Droogies! I am going to Edmonton. It’s not that bad as I don’t follow hockey and or football so I have no problem with Edmonton at all.

As usual I will be in Artist’s Alley with the usual gang (Mike RiegerLisa Redfern, Michael McAdam, & Shonna White)

Barring printing problems, issue 2 of GVK will be premiering at the show and for those interested I will have several decks of the Sideshow Tarot available.