Expo Nextpo!



It’s that time again! We’re going back…to Con that is.
Once again the fandom of Calgary gather and nerd out with their XXXredactedXXX out at the Calgary Expo.
And once again myself and my hearty band of fellow artists will trying desperately trying to sell them our wares. I am back (roughly) in the same place as last year. I got moved west 2 stops. I heard life is peaceful there. I will be at table H06. Thankfully the band is still together. Beside me at h5 will be Michael McAdam and his twogargs table. On the other side (H7) Mike Rieger. Beside him (H8) his wife Lisa Redfern and beside her is Shonna White (H9).

So come on down to L. Marie Ford and…I mean come on down to the Calgary Expo and buy some art! hopefully my art and I won’t spend the expo selling Mike’s magnets again. 🙂


It’s a God awful small affair

So I knew I had to go back and tweak my Life on Mars pic.

Tweaked the background mostly, didn’t change the figures at all. Added the Aries Project logo in the back, moved the skyline down. added the mock comic graphics. a little more texture. Why am I spending so much time on a fanart drawing that no one really cares about anymore? Well I CARE!!!

Take a look at the law man!

So for those who read/saw the last post with Gene Hunt, Here is the latest incarnation of it. I’m fairly sure it’s not finished but its as finished as it’s probably gonna get. I drew Sam Tyler earlier but wasn’t happy with it. I spent a majority of today editing it and redrawing the face a few times, I’m slightly happier with it. at least enough to post it and await the harsh criticism of the faceless internet. I’ll probably even print up a few copies for cons, just a few though as I know there ain’t near enough of a fan base for the show to warrant it but I might meet one or two.

Life on Mars: Season 2 by ~Kyohazard on deviantART