Drawlloween Update

So decided to not hammer the blog with daily updates for Drawlloween. Also I totally messed up my days.Day 8 wasn’t supposed to be an Eye like you can see below, it was supposed to be Zombie
I last minute drew a proper day 8 submission

Emergency Drawlloween 8: Zombie by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

So of course I had to do another eye submission the next day when it was actually to be done.

Drawlloween Day 9: Eyeball (again) by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

And now back to the regularly scheduled posts
Day 10: Alien

Drawlloween Day 10: Alien by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 11: Raven

Drawlloween Day 11: Raven by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 12: Moon

Drawlloween 12: Moon by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 13: Frankenstein

Drawlloween 13: Frankenstein (Nee Munster) by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 14: Bat

Drawlloween Day 14: Bat by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Drawlloween vs. INKtober

Holy Shit! 2 updates in a single day? Quickly look outside to see if there’s 4 guys on horseback in the sky…

No? Weird!

Anyways I’ve decided to attempt one of the standard drawing challenges for October. Well I’ve decided to attempt to do two of them but since neither of them are contrary to each other it should work out. Let me explain.

First off is Drawlloween,
A different theme every day. There’s conflicting Drawlloween’s but I’m going with the more loose based themed version above.

Secondly is INKtober
reate an Ink drawing every day of October.

So with our powers combined. I’ll attempt each theme in an inked drawing. Am I the first person to do both? I highly HIGHLY doubt it. But it’s a personal challenge so there.

Stay tuned to this station for further developments.

Adventures in Rookerland

Well look at this, A new freaking update less than 2 weeks apart! That’s like some sorta record. Well certainly for me.

Last week was the Edmonton Expo and in honour of Michael Rooker’s appearance I drew this

Yondu: Portrait of a Ravager by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Two of my favorite Rooker roles combined (or mashed up to use the current lingo of today’s youth). I sent the drawing to Rooker’s official twitter and he posted it. Pretty awesome, right? Well it get’s better. The next day James Gunn posted it! Well I kinda lost my shit a little bit. It get’s better! because of that post comicbook.com posted that James Gunn wanted to start a Yondu spin off. MY ARTWORK STARTED AN INTERNET RUMOUR!!!!

The final piece to the adventure was meeting the man himself! Freakin’ Awesome guy! rooker

Apart from that, The con was a super success for me! Biggest sales ever. Thanks Edmonton!  The stupid shit show that is Edmonton street design aside. I always enjoy the hell out of the show and the attendee’s.

I have no memory of this place!

Oh right! I have a website I forget about for long periods of time and update even less.

So let me tell you what I’ve been up to in the last yearish since I LAST updated. In theory I’ll attempt to update this thing more.

First off let’s talk drawings, my newest project is my Devotionerd Candles. A geeky play on devotional candles but instead of Saints and Jesus, it’s pop culture characters. Sure it’s it’s been done before but never with MY artwork. The first set were classic horror movie slashers.

Saintly Slashers Candles by Kyohazard on DeviantArt
I debuted these at the Calgary Horror Con to much success, sold them out in under 2 hours.

Well last week I joined Michael McAdam and attended the Red & White Comic and Toy Expo. It was a great little single day show. I decided that a second series of Candles were needed so I made Doctor Who Candles.

Patron Doctors set by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Well in 2 weeks I will be in Edmonton for the Edmonton Expo. Do you wanna know where I am?
get it? D12! Well I thought it was funny.

3 weeks later I’m going to head more southerly to be showing at the Lethbridge Expo. Will I have more candles for that show? We’ll see.


The Sliders

So WAY back in 1995/1996 I did a Sliders meets The Simpsons comic.
(It’s been almost 20 FREAKIN YEARS since I drew it.)
Well several computers later and the crash and burn of Geocities where it was hosted originally, The original files were long lost. Well tonight I had random thought of “I wonder if I can find a reference to it anywhere?” Well I got something better. I turned up a German language site with the complete comic. The artwork is fucking horrendous! It even has lens flares. Honest to gawd 90’s photoshop 4 lens flares. But it’s a part of my art history so I gots to share.

The Sliders


The actual site is no right clicks allowed so I can’t save it but I’ve emailed the site in the hopes that someone who speaks english and can send me the files for my own posterity.

Again, it’s pretty sad artwork so don’t judge too strongly. 🙂 I still have incredibly happy happy joy joy memories about doing this.

Edmonton Expo 2014: It’s a Mads Mads Mads World!

As promised to no one. I’m updating.

This past weekend I once again had a table at the Edmonton Expo. It was a fantastic show this year. Last year I had one of my worst shows ever and almost didn’t return this year. So glad I did.

As always I was with the Usual Suspects
Mike Rieger,Michael Mcadam, Jeremy Thew, and Shonna White



The friday it open I set up and was ready to rock. Outside of a faulty banner stand that was MacGyvered together with duct tape and cardboard splints everything went smooth. IMG_2861

While there was a plethora of media guests at the show, I’ve become a bit cynical about celebrities. They’re just working folks and I don’t have much of an urge to meet them. Of course there’s exceptions. Mads (Hannibal Lecter) Mikkelson was a guest and I really wanted to meet him. A few months back and completely unrelated to his Expo appearance I drew this. In fact it made it’s first appearance back at the Calgary Horror Con.

Well never one to not take advantage of an opportunity I made sure I had plenty of prints of this pic for the show. Right early on I sold a few prints and about an hour or two into the show my friend Tony who works for the expo sent me this picIMG_2863
Somebody took my print to him and he seemed to like it. I got a little excited. Then I found out that this pic was all over the Expo’s social media. People started coming to my table to get the print because they saw the pic. Well a few hours later Mads Mikkelson himself CAME TO MY TABLE. He shook my hand and told me how he really liked the print. Unfortunately none of my friends got a pic of this. 🙁

By late Saturday I had sold ALL of my Hannibal Prints… save 2. I went off with these remaining to Mads table. I got one signed for me and gave him the other. Also was able to get my pic with Mads. I way prefer selfie style pics over the photo ops that they do at cons.

IMG_2874 IMG_2873


On top of the Hannibal adventures, This con marked another first for me, My friend Kristy Bacon ask me to draw a heart that had been stitched up for a tattoo. Well the Expo brought in some tattoo artists and Kristy’s arm is now emblazoned with my art.   heartbwIMG_2867

All in all it was a super good time. and for the first time in the last year, I got through an entire convention without being sick!!! Huzzah!