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Kyohazard Studios2 hours ago
Quiet day at work and after hearing the sad news about the passing of Jonathan Demme, I felt the need to watch Silence. Easily one of the most influential movies in my life. Along with some #Starbucks and my #sketchbook I think a good way to settle before the nonstoppedness of this weekend and @calgaryexpo #jonathandemme #rip #hanniballecter
Kyohazard Studios
Kyohazard Studios1 day ago
2 days from now you can come down to @calgaryexpo and see me in person! Maybe buy a print! Artist alley M-06! #conartist #kyohazardstudios #calgaryexpo #artistalley #khan
Kyohazard Studios
Kyohazard Studios3 days ago
With @officialdougbradley and @ashleylaurence coming to @calgaryhorrorcon this June. Of course I had to draw something #hellraiser related, and of course I had to draw something mashed up with the obscure and outdated. I've always been amused by sitcom spinoffs that take the characters off in such random and not even remotely close to the source material (like when they made Radar from MASH a cop) So what if Hellraiser was spun off into a sitcom? These are the things that keep me awake at night! @realclivebarker #pinhead #cenobite #lamentconfiguration #lemarchandsbox #andrewrobinson #clarehiggins #seanchapman
Kyohazard Studios
Kyohazard Studios1 week ago
After seeing #starwars #theforceawakens all I really wanted was #episode8 to be was a #70s style revenge movie. So in honour of the movie I will never get, Here is the poster of what should have been. A mashup of Star Wars and Death Wish #charlesbronson #deathwish #michaelwinner #dinodelaurentis @starwars @starwarsmovies @thewookieeroars
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Kyohazard Studios shared Calgary Horror Con's photo.2 weeks ago

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In The Wings

So earlier this week my friends over at Two Gargoyles Comics Mike Rieger and Michael McAdam were not going to be able to pull off this weeks web comic of “In The Wings”. Since I draw Gloaming for TwoGargs I took it upon myself in a presumptuous manner to guest write and draw it for them without being asked. It appears that my ego paid off because they used it. The main joke came from an off hand comment Michael McAdam made about me as a character guesting in the strip and that I should be seen in a dark closet hissing at people. I decided that the more Hitchcockian aspect of NOT seeing the horror was funnier.

Calgary Horror Con: Results

So following up my initial post of the Best Little Horror Con in the West These are the results of that trial.
I brought Eugene A Clark a copy of my Big Daddy’s Garage sign. He loved it. He asked for extra copies (of which I gracefully agreed to. In fact I’m gonna send him the original printable file, That way he can print out copies of MY ART to sign at shows)

Secondly Ari Lehman loved his prints too.
He even dragged me over to Derek Mears to get him to sign it too!

As always at the show I was joined at my table by Michael Mcadam of Two Gargs comics. It was a great show. 2 days of horror but in the best possible way! Sales, laughs, and copious amounts of caffeine.

Calgary Horror Con: Pre show info

June 11-12 was my favorite con of the year. The Calgary Horror Con.

I did 4 specific drawings for this show!
First off I did a young Jason Voorhees poster in honour of Ari Lehman The actor who played the young Jason in the first Friday the 13th.

Voorhees Water Wings! by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Second piece I did was for Eugene A Clark who played Big Daddy, the lead zombie in George A Romero’s Land of the Dead.

Big Daddy's Gas and Repair by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Thirdly was Halloween themed for Tyler Mane

Myers vs Myers by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

And lastly because not only was the First Jason at the Show, but also the Last Jason Derek Mears (the Friday the 13th remake)

Back to the Friday by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Gott Fried?

If you don’t listen to Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast… What the hell is wrong with you? Well for those poor souls who don’t, Gilbert sings on the show… A LOT!!! His co-host Frank Santopadre keeps saying they need to put out an album of Gilbert’s dulcet tones. So as I am want to do, I drew something. A vintage style / Sinatra inspired album cover. Why? because, that’s why!

Gilbert Gottfried Sings! by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

I sent the above drawing to Gilbert Gottfried and Frank Santopadre via twitter. Frank sent me an awesome personal message and has since posted the drawing on their facebook page.

Drawlloween Update

So decided to not hammer the blog with daily updates for Drawlloween. Also I totally messed up my days.Day 8 wasn’t supposed to be an Eye like you can see below, it was supposed to be Zombie
I last minute drew a proper day 8 submission

Emergency Drawlloween 8: Zombie by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

So of course I had to do another eye submission the next day when it was actually to be done.

Drawlloween Day 9: Eyeball (again) by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

And now back to the regularly scheduled posts
Day 10: Alien

Drawlloween Day 10: Alien by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 11: Raven

Drawlloween Day 11: Raven by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 12: Moon

Drawlloween 12: Moon by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 13: Frankenstein

Drawlloween 13: Frankenstein (Nee Munster) by Kyohazard on DeviantArt

Day 14: Bat

Drawlloween Day 14: Bat by Kyohazard on DeviantArt